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Фотоподборка на тему садов Англии | English Country Gardens

Victorian House View Over Balustrade With Hydrangea

Verandah With Hanging Baskets - Geraniums, Lobelia, Petunias

Well And Formal Garden To Rhododendrons

Dove Cote On Old Dead Tree

Mixed Perennial Border - Geraniums, Cranesbill, Erigeron

Various Azaleas In 'Garden Of Meditation'

Old Stone Gateway With Rhododendron

Leaded Window, Hydrangea macrophylla, Urn With Geraniums

Castle Wall With 'Deutzia'

Bacchus With Rose Arctostaphylus Ura

Hanging Baskets And Planted Tubs - Calceolaria, Fuchsias

Greenhouse Containing Various Pelargoniums

'Garden Of Meditation' With Azaleas In Background

Converted Mill With Virginia Creeper

Hybrid Rose-Lined Path To Gate, Underplanted With Catmint

Hydrangea Macrophylla (blue)

Hydrangea Macrophylla (pink)

Allium, Pinks

Path Of Rhododendron

Path With Catmint And Hybrid Roses

Pond With Hosta, Primula florindae, Lilly, Mimulus, Iris

Queen Anne House With Climbing Rose 'Cecile Brunner'

Rose And Wrought Iron Gate

Timber Clad Cottage With Climbing Roses And Pinks

Various Azaleas In 'Garden Of Meditation'

View Of House And Porch With Border - Catmint, Iris, Rose

View Through Archway To Established Garden

© Corel Photo: English Country Gardens

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